Eugene-area Stores


Several natural food stores carry our fresh berries in

season and frozen all year, including the following:


     - Sundance Natural Foods at 24th & Hilyard

(Frozen year-round, Fresh during season)

     - Capella Market at 25th & Willamette Street

(Frozen year-round, Fresh during season)

     - Friendly Street Market at Friendly & 29th

(Frozen Occasionally, Fresh during season)

     - The Kiva Grocery at 11th & Olive

(Frozen year-round, Fresh during season)

     - Growers Market on Willamette by the train station

(Fresh during season)


Farmers Markets


You will find our farm stand at the Saturday and Tuesday Lane County Farmers Market in downtown Eugene at 8th and Oak during the fresh berry season. Free parking on Saturdays is available in the City of Eugene parking structure at 8th and Willamette. We accept checks and cash. Please visit the Lane County Farmers Market stand to receive tokens for credit card payments.


    - Saturday Farmers Market is from 9am to 3pm, or for as long as the berries last that day.

    - Tuesday Farmers Market is 10am to 3pm in the downtown park blocks at 8th and Oak.




Help us spread the word of our great berries. If you know of a restaurant, market, CSA, or other business who may be interested in purchasing our fresh during the season or frozen blueberries wholesale, please let us know! If your referral leads to an new account, we will happily thank you with some berries.


Frozen Blueberries


If one of the Eugene-area stores listed above does not work for you, we also sell frozen blueberries at Café Mam in Glenwood near the University of Oregon between 8 am and 4 pm weekdays. Please call 541-338-9585 to arrange

for pick-up at the coffee roaster.


Certified Organic

by Oregon Tilth


Royal Blueberries is 100% certified organic under US Department of Agriculture regulations.



Royal Blue Organics


Where to Purchase Royal Blueberries

Royal Blueberries are available in numerous locations in and around Eugene, Oregon.

At Royal Blueberries Farm in West Eugene


During the fresh berry season,15-pound flats of berries are available directly from our farm. With prior arrangement, we can also make boxes with smaller quantities.


Please Contact Us to place an order for pick-up. This ensures we have what you want ready when you arrive. We cannot guarantee berries without an order. We accept cash, personal checks, or payment by credit card.