Products & Prices
PLEASE DO NOT come to the farm without a scheduled pickup reservation. 
NO U-PICK: Our commitment to quality standards and consistency means that all of our berries are pre-picked. At the end of the season, we sometimes open the fields for gleaning. 
COVID-19: Because of limitation place on our systems in order to ensure the highest health standards, we will only sell in specific quantities as is listed below. Thank you for your understanding.
Appointments for Pickups:
Timing & Availability: In order to ensure the proper flow of berries as they ripen off the field and into the tummies of those who love our berries, we schedule appointment for blueberry pick-up. If you are interested in purchasing a flat, call us to make an appointment to come out to the farm.
We typically start the harvest of fresh fruit at the end of June or early July with berries often possible into early August. The timing of the season is weather dependent. Frozen berries are available all year. Scroll down for pricing and where Royal Blueberries are available. Also, check our facebook page where we will strive to post updates during the harvest season.
Products for Sale:​​​​​​​
Premium Blueberries: These are the highest quality fruit sold either fresh off the fields or quickly frozen and packaged. Frozen berries are always free-flowing and can be moved into any size container for storage in your home freezer.
      $80  — 15 lb. Fresh Premium Flat
      $45 — 7 1/2 lb. Fresh Premium 1/2 Flat
      $70 — 12 Pints Fresh Premium Flat
      $6 — Per Fresh Premium Pint 
      $25 — 5lb Box Frozen Premium 
      $90 — 20lb Box Frozen Premium 
      $10 /flat additional — Special Varietal (if available).  
Frozen Jam/Smoothie Berries: These are our seconds because they are not cosmetically perfect. They are very sweet and excellent for smoothies or cooking down. These berries are generally, but not entirely, free-flowing when frozen; clumping is generally relatively minor.
      $20 — 5lb Box of Frozen Jam/Smoothie Berries
      $60 — 20lb Box of FrozenJam/Smoothie Berries 
Frozen Pink Blueberries: The "tarts" or "pinks" are slightly under ripe fruit that is preferred by bakers for making pies and other baked goods that are normally sweetened.
      $55 — 20-pound Box of Tart Pinks 
Royal Blueberry Organic Fruit Spread: Our own delicious blueberries in a fruit spread made locally by Sweet Creek Foods!
      $5 — 1-10oz Jar 
      $55 — 12-Jar Case 
Tee-shirts: Cotton tee shirts are still available in a limited variety of colors and sizes.
      $10 — Child short-sleeve tee-shirt 
      $14 — Adult short-sleeve tee-shirt 
      $18 — Adult long-sleeve tee-shirt